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Cloud Based

Administration Platform

Mental Health

& Wellbeing Support App

WhatsUp? has been designed for Safeguarding professionals and the people they support each day.

We have developed a modern, secure and trusted communication platform through which wellbeing staff can monitor and message anyone within their organisation that needs advice or support.

Our technology embraces the exponential growth of smart phones and in particular the popularity of instant text messaging to deliver a truly preventative and proactive safeguarding, wellbeing and mental health support tool.

It is simple, quick, discreet, confidential and non judgmental.

WhatsUp? utilises digital messaging to monitor and record how people are feeling in relation to their professional and social situations.


It can be used to advise, educate and help people both individually and on a collective basis whenever, wherever they want and need it most.

This is care with the person at the very centre of the wellbeing circle.


All-inclusive pricing package, no hidden costs, annual renewal


Flexible License fees to suit the size of your organization and needs


Secure registration and password protected login


Users given an anonymous username to protect their identity


​Digital mood and thoughts diary with history review

Safeguarding, wellbeing and mental health resources

Reach out instantly with daily motivational and support notifications

Unlimited app access, users decide how, when and why they want to engage with WhatsUp?


Allows 24/7 proactive pastoral care & support

All data recorded 'real time', full audit records for safeguarding officer(s) and support staff


WhatsUp? is free to users, easy to download and simple to use


Discreet, confidential, non-judgmental, non-confrontational non-discriminatory


Removes barriers such as embarrassment and mistrust


Creates a virtual ‘safe’ space to express feelings, thoughts and concerns


Enables instant ‘in the hand to the person’ professional support in total confidentiality


Offers appropriate incremental support

Text Messaging>Telephone>Face to Face


The ‘user’ has full control of how and when they engage with WhatsUp?


Provides a safe way to raise concerns (discrimination, bullying, abuse, addictions)


Raises self-awareness and promotes positive lifestyle choices


Promotes a proactive and preventative support program

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