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Covid-19 crisis: Free mental health support for employees working remotely


6th May 2020


WhatsUp? has announced that they will offer their workplace mental health and wellbeing platform at no cost to organisations for 12 weeks, in order to support government remote working measures to tackle Covid-19 transmission.


As the UK passes into its 2nd full month of lockdown employers are becoming increasingly under pressure to introduce digital initiatives that support the wellbeing and mental health of their employees. Working from home, furloughed or still going into the workplace both the short and long-term impact on our nations mental health cannot be ignored or underestimated. It is therefore critical for organisations to implement a system that mitigates these risks and helps us to bounce back from the despair that Covid-19 has created.


Vincent Pericard, a former professional footballer, and co-founder Jason Oliver developed the innovative digital solution as a way for organisations to proactively support their employees' mental health concerns.  As someone who has spoken out openly about his own mental health challenges, Vincent says ‘Despite being a former Juventus and Premier League player my career ended far too early. The lack of mental health awareness and support during my time as a professional footballer had a massive impact not only on me but also my family and employers. The sad reality is I never truly fulfilled my potential when things could have been so different. So I understand how important mental health support is particularly now during this Covid-19 crisis when individuals will be looking to their employers for all kinds of guidance and support. It is important that we recognise this and deliver effective solutions; that’s why we’re offering WhatsUp? for free’.

WhatsUp? connects its wellbeing and mental health app to an online support platform. The platform enables employers to demonstrate the provision of appropriate support and guidance to employees ensuring a productive, engaged and effective workforce throughout this critical period. Employees can use the app to manage and improve their own mental health; access signposting information for internal and external support; anonymously make contact with their wellbeing or HR team should they feel they require further organisational assistance or additional signposting.

The platform is simple to set up and can be rapidly and remotely deployed, with users benefitting within 48 hours of implementation. It is a no-cost, no future obligation offer. When the period of free access finishes the service can either be withdrawn or continue under a paid licensing agreement.

WhatsUp? is in the position to support thousands of workers, and encourages those organisations who do not currently have remote wellbeing initiatives in place, to make contact directly via




For further press information please contact:

Vincent Pericard, +44 (0)7887 748 366

Jason Oliver,  +44 (0)7568 925 343

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